Through the Looking Glass

The exhibit, “China: Through The Looking Glass,” at The Metropolitan Museum of Art is down to its last couple of days, therefore I had to go before it ended. The exhibit was incredible to say the least! It was so amazing to see how much Chinese culture has inspired fashion throughout the years. Some of the designers in the exhibit included: Alexander McQueen, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Valentino.

The China: Through The Looking Glass exhibit did a great job making the viewer feel completely immersed in the Chinese Culture. It was inspiring to be around such great art and designs. Each piece had its on story to tell and together they created a beautiful masterpiece impacting all areas of the fashion world.

These were some of my favorite pieces:

DSCN3362 DSCN3363 DSCN3367 DSCN3370 DSCN3376 DSCN3377

For a day at the museum I decided to wear a floral romper paired with flat sandals to make it more of a casual look.

DSCN3405 DSCN3406DSCN3411 DSCN3413DSCN3408 DSCN3415 DSCN3416 DSCN3420 DSCN3424 DSCN3423DSCN3422   DSCN3426

|Outfit Details|

Romper: Charlotte Russe

Accessories: Forever 21

Sandals: Lulu’s


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