Labor Day Festivities

Today I went to the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn for the first time and it was a good time. There were so many different cultures represented through the food, clothing, and music. The food had to be one of the best parts about the parade. Literally, everywhere you looked, there was a stand selling food. I ended up getting three free tacos from a taco truck by posting a pic on Instagram with the hashtag they were using.


The other part that I enjoyed about the parade were the costumes! They were so flashy! There were all types of colors, sequins and glitter. And the head pieces were so gorgeous and so huge. I don’t know how the ladies were able to keep there balance, but they were strutting with those head pieces.

DSCN3500 DSCN3502DSCN3503 DSCN3504

For my outfit, I wanted to go for a “festival feel,” so I chose to wear my tropical print halter crop top. I didn’t want to show too much skin so I went with high waisted jeans.


DSCN3547 DSCN3545   DSCN3541 DSCN3532DSCN3530  DSCN3526 DSCN3525   DSCN3520 DSCN3519 DSCN3516

|Outfit Details|

Top: Lulu’s

Pants: S Boutique

Shoes: Aldo

Arm cuff: Aldo

Thanks for reading 🙂


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