It’s Fashion Week in New York City, YAYY! Not only are there a ton of fashion shows happening this week, but there are also many fashion events/parties that take place during fashion week. I had the chance to attend Refinery29’s  free event, “29Rooms” and it was incredible! The event was held in a warehouse in Brooklyn that included 29 funhouse style rooms. Each room was very different from the other. Some rooms included listening devices to listen to music, and some included props for the viewer to get creative with. This event was definitely the perfect place for tons of social media pics. Refinery29 encouraged everyone to use the hashtag #29rooms to showcase their experience at the event. You know I live for a good photo opportunity and a cool background, so I was in heaven at this event! I also thought it was cool that Solange helped design the Cloud Room and that she attended the event the day before, so I felt special being somewhere that she was.

I took pictures of the rooms I liked the best, hope you enjoy:)



DSCN3617 DSCN3620

DSCN3633DSCN3630 DSCN3631

DSCN3636 DSCN3667 DSCN3653 DSCN3650

DSCN3675 DSCN3695


DSCN3763 DSCN3737DSCN3717


DSCN3776 DSCN3790

DSCN3800 DSCN3808

DSCN3811 DSCN3816

|Outfit Details|

Tank: Forever 21

Blazer: Forever 21

Skort: Nasty gal

Booties: H&M


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