Made Fashion Week

This past weekend I attended the Made Fashion Week presentations at Milk Studios. There were four designers featured in the showcase, Collina Strada, Karen Gallo, Sandy Liang and Babyghost. All of the presentations had gorgeous pieces, along with Karen Gallo’s amazing shoe collection. There was so much inspiration from the designers and also the people that attended the event. Everyone had their own personal style. I loved it! One day I hope I’ll be able to attend events like this all the time.

The first presentation I stopped at was Collina Strada. Her pieces had a boxy silhouette that was very flattering on the models. Although the garments had a loser fit,  there was a feminine touch added to some of the outfits with the use of bralettes. The huge, pink rock was also a nice touch that brought out the feminism in the collection. DSCN3838 DSCN3840


The next presentation was Karen Gallo’s shoe collection. I seriously wanted to take every shoe home with me! I especially loved the bright red boots. It was also cool that Gallo had the only presentation without models.



Babyghost also incorporated a loser fit silhouette in their collection. This collection gave me a very cool laid back feel and I love the whole “cute without trying” trend. I could definitely see myself in one of these outfits.



Sandra Liang collection was my favorite presentation of the night. I loved the color scheme that she used, and the outfit with the sparkly pink top with the fur shawl was everythinggg! I really enjoyed how she took a classic look and made it look edgy and modern.DSCN3846


Now for my ootd 🙂

DSCN3865 DSCN3867 DSCN3866



I also was able to stop by The Chanel Watch Launch Event for their new Meet My Boyfriend Watch. There were a lot of handsome men walking around in suits to give the idea that Chanel can provide the perfect “boyfriend.” Along with the boyfriends walking around, they were also giving out temporary watch tattoos and boyfriend cokes.

DSCN3829 DSCN3835 DSCN3832 DSCN3831

|Outfit Details|

Dress: Forever 21

Jacket: Forever 21

Shoes: Sandals

Accessories: Forever 21


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