Blueberry & Banana Style

The Blue Suede Boots have made another debut, this time featuring the Blue Faux Fur Vest. These two are definitely a match made in heaven. For this outfit, I wanted to take a bit of a risk, so I added the pops of blue to my yellow and black dress. The blue really made the yellow print on the dress pop. And if you guys haven’t noticed, I have been loving the slicked back bun look, so I knew it would be the perfect hairstyle to complete this look.

Enjoy 🙂

DSCN4357 DSCN4358

I loved how there was a random pink flower in the second location. It really added a nice touch to the photos.DSCN4375 DSCN4377 DSCN4381 DSCN4383 DSCN4384 DSCN4386

|Outfit Details|

Dress: H&M

Vest: H&M

Boots: Aldo

Bag: Aldo


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