Elevated Gala

Hey Readers,

Style Omelette is back!!! I have finished my Fall semester in New York, and am now back in Kent, Ohio to complete my Spring semester. But, enough about me, the star of this blog post is my little brother Marquise. This weekend his hip-hop dance team “Elevated” hosted their very first gala. The purpose of the gala was to bring together friends and family and inform them on the greatness that’s in Elevated’s near future.

I thought the gala was great. The director of the team, Howard, has so much passion for what he does and he plays as a great role model to the members of the team. He did a very good job putting the gala together. The part I really enjoyed were the individual speeches that all 13 members gave. Each person had their own unique story about how dance has influenced their lives. Their stories were very inspiring. My other favorite part of the gala was the Elevated performance of course. This was my first time seeing Marquise dance as a member of Elevated, so I was super excited to see what all the hype was about. And let me say, I definitely saw why everyone loves the team, they did an amazing job! They had great energy and facials throughout the entire performance and they danced as a team.

Overall the event was very entertaining and I loved the whole family vibe that i got from it.

Great job Elevated!



Marquise’s Outfit detail: Top: 21Men | Pants: H&M| Bracelets: Aldo | Shoes: Aldo


|Outfit Details|

Top: Forever 21

Pants: Charlotte Russe

Earrings: H&M

Shoes: Gianni Bini


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